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Charlestown Harbour Box

Welcome to the Surfbox Cornwall shipping container shop at Charlestown inner Harbour, Cornwall.

A Cornish and Portuguese family.

We at Surfbox Cornwall are delighted to have a pop-up shop at this iconic and historic location.

Charlestown Harbour is the last open 18th Century Georgian Harbour in the UK. Part of the UNESCO world heritage site and still a vibrant working port with a unique history and geography that will transport you back in time. Long are the days where the harbour was used as a sheltered port to facilitate the transport of China Clay. Nowadays, it is a very popular tourist destination and film location for productions such as Poldark, Taboo and BAIT.

Charlestown inner harbour.

You can have a good sense of the historical and sailing connection by walking around the harbour. Charlestown is home to several classic tall ships such as Anny of Charlestown,Mascotte, I.R.I.S.,Penglas,Ryder,Irene and Olga.

Since 2018 the Harbour has been on a mission to spark and encourage interest in the UK maritime heritage and to give as many people as possible the opportunity to get out sailing on these vessels.

The Harbour provides a range of activities and sailing trips. Day sails, wild swimming sails and voyages are available to book now on the Charlestown Harbour website. There is also Rock and Roots -Beach and Forest school. Founded and run by Mark and Lizzie who are both qualified and experienced Forest school leaders. They are passionate about providing opportunities for children, young people and adults to enjoy, wonder, play, explore, learn and love the outdoors. They can provide a wide range of activities on the Harbour and its beutifull surrounding beaches.

From the top left to right ; Kajsamoor - " Trading ketch built in 1939 in Norway. The name comes Norse mythology and means "Mother of the Wind Troll". The Harbour Team. Inner and outer harbour.

Anny of Charlestown: the Harbour`s own flagship topsail schooner built in Denmark in 1930 and brought to Charlestown in 2019.

The Inner Harbour is open to the public between the months of April till October. During this season you will be able to stroll around this historic site have a rum cocktail,braised beef brisket a coffee a pasty and even tapas and check out our shipping container shop where we sell apparel and gifts inspired by our love of Surf,SK8, the outdoors and everything that is Cornish.

How it all began:

Placing a shipping container down at the harbour was no easy task but with the help of the Harbour Master Matt and his team the box was soon in situ in what I can only say its the perfect location. There is never a dull day at the office with a view like this.

View from Surfbox Cornwall po-up shop at the inner harbour.Charlestown.Cornwall.

Guy, my very proud Cornish husband and his sister Claire are both from St Austell. Their parents still remember the days when the harbour was a very busy place in the height of the china clay industry.

They had a few challenges ahead but with dedication and the help of a few fish and chips consumed after a long working day, soon the Box started taking shape.

The quote used on the back wall inside the Box is from A.L.Rowse.

Alfred Leslie Rowse( 1903-1997) was born in Tregonissey, St Austell, Cornwall. He was a poet, academic and Elizabethan historian. Proud of beeing a Cornishman and very outspoken his ashes are buried in Campdowns Cemetery in Charlestown. "This was the land of my content" is writen on his memorial stone at Black Head, near Trenarren.